Friday, 10 March 2017

Silesian Grenadiers Finished

Another quick post, with the Falkirk lads hoping to put on another refight of Waterloo this year I used the excitement to push on with a number of almost completed Prussian items that I've had sitting around (even if some in reality were not present at Waterloo, I hoped they could maybe slip in as substitutes in some form or another).

1st I managed to finish off a Silesian grenadier battalion that ground to a halt sometime last year. A bit of fatigue set in after painting a few Prussian items in a row.

Finishing this grenadier battalion ties up the 1st and 2nd silesian regiments together for me with only volunteer jager and maybe a third rank group of skirmishers to be added. 

I completed my 2nd silesian regiment with Minifigs 2nd generation figures many moons ago and the 1st regiment with AB figures so it's good to get the grenadiers ticked off as well.

I have also been clearing out my Prussian command figures. I did a couple of Prussian adjutants. Should come in handy at some point. 

This wee guy is probably my favourite as the horse came out nice.  The Vallejo hull red and Cavalry brown combine well to make horse colours straight forward. Made this 1 a bay, at least I think that's what it is. 😆

Happy how the cavalry adjutant came out too, probably more for the 1813 period but what does it matter.

I've also been working on Yorck plus a Blucher for 1813 and another couple of commands. However I just recently got the message that the Waterloo game may not actually go ahead so I've slipped off the Prussian wave again. 

Anyway, I hope everyone is doing well and making good progress with their projects.  Thanks very much for all the kind, encouraging comments I've received online.

All the best
Happy Wargaming!!!